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Welcome Adventurer!

The Reclusive Cartographer creates hand drawn maps perfect for use in Dungeons and Dragons and all manner of TTRPGs.

From regional maps you can base an entire campaign around to battle maps you can drop in at a moment's notice, you'll find everything you need to bring your world to life.


Regional &
World Maps


City & Town





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You will only be charged for new content and I typically release 3-4 packs per month not including free bonus content.

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Sold Out

$1 Per New Map

  • 3-4 new maps per month

  • Gridded and Ungridded Versions.

  • Access to Patron only Discord Channel

Intiate Map-Maker

Journeyman Surveyors.jpg

$3 Per New Map

  • All previous tier rewards

  • Day/Night Versions of each map

  • Additional Varients of maps i.e. different time of day, different palette, different season)

  • Access to the Asset Vault, to create your own maps!

  • A vote in my Patron-only polls to choose what content will be next on the list.

Journeyman Surveyor

Master Cartographer.jpg

Master Cartographer

$4 Per New Map

  • All previous tier rewards

  • Access to all previous content at this level

  • Additional versions of every map

  • Clean PSD files

  • Access to Pre-built Foundry Map Packs


$10 Per New Map

  • Access to all previous content at this level

  • Commerical License to use the maps as part or your releases


Chief Archivist.jpg

Chief Archivist

$15 Per New Map

  • Access to all previous content at this level

  • Can request custom maps after 3 months


Foundry VTT Content

All new releases will now be included in prebuilt Foundry VTT modules that includes all versions of each map.

Each premade scene will include walls, lights, and are Multi Level Token enabled.

Foundry content is available to all $5 patrons and above. 


BANNER 1.png

$5 Per New Map


Jeff Todd - Morvold Press

Highly recommend working with George! He is fast, professional and incredibly talented at bringing your projects to life. Couldn't be happier with the result.


Ember Lane


From enquiry to completion, George was one of the smoothest operators I’ve worked with. Great interpretation, fantastic end result, and all delivered in a timely manner. This is no mean feat when you consider he received a drawing from me that would struggle to win an age 3 map making contest. Have already enquired about three more projects.

Marko Di Trapani

Recently commissioned a city map for my campaign, George provides extremely professional service with a quick delivery time and works closely with you to make sure he meets and exceeds your expectations. Could not be any happier!!


Jaron Cap Johnson - Monsters of Murka

George is a great guy, super pleasurable to work with. He provided great communication and quality work, both adhering to guidelines I set and adding his own creative flourishes that I loved. If I could give you any advice, it would be to leave him that creative freedom, because he will impress you with what he does.


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